When you think of the Himalayas, what comes to your mind? Snow mountains, lush green valleys and beautiful sceneries. Amidst these natural beauties, there's a treasure chest of nutrition that can keep us hale and healthy for the rest of our lives. You see us claiming our products are 100% pure, but we want to show you what we mean by that. Here, in this blog we take you through how our products are made, processed and transported, so you can trust your health is in the right hands. Read on to walk our product journey.

What Makes Valley Culture Special? 

As a brand, Valley Culture serves as the bridge between the consumers looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the farmers who cultivate luscious crops year on year. By partnering with 5000+ women farmers who care for the crops and cattle like their own children, we ensure utmost nourishment, protection and processing of our homegrown produce. 

Let’s start with the origin of our products: The Himalayas.

Our Producers' Evergreen Farms

Himalayas are rich and alive with natural wealth, in terms of rich mineral-fed soil, glacier-fed rivers, evergreen canopy of trees, unparalleled variety of flowers, innumerable species of medicinal plants, herbs and healthy, free-grazing cattle. 

Our producers have been in the mountains and valleys for generations and know the place like the back of their palm. They have been cultivating different crops, fruits and plants for years together. The cold, moisture bearing winds of the Himalayas keep the soil replenished. The soil, in turn, due to its acidic nature, retains water and feeds the crops constantly. So, there’s never a dry, dull day for the plants. 

The soil itself breathes life, with its mineral-rich silt deposited by the rivers, herbs, eroded rock particles and organic manure, thus keeping it forever young and supremely fertile.

These air, water and soil conditions make an excellent environment for the crops to flourish, without the use of any artificial stimulants or fertilizers. 

Crops and Cattle Like Family 

The crops grow and mature on their own cycle. Their unhindered growth brings out their true properties, which is only possible if the crops are grown naturally. 

Right from sowing, to growing to harvesting, our farmers take utmost care in using only natural farming techniques that protect and enhance crop health. 

Our farmers also take care of cows by setting them free to graze to their heart’s content. Studies show that free-grazing cows that eat without restrictions on quantity or variety, produce high quality, nutritious milk. The cows in the Himalayas eat grass that grows on fertile soil, and they have a huge mineral intake. 

These minerals are also found in their milk, which when consumed offers immense health benefits. 

The farmers of the Himalayan villages have their own culture, they are true to their own and consider all close inhabitants as family, which includes plants and cattle. Their lifestyle revolves around nature and their culture encourages them to care for their crops, plants and cattle as their own children. 

This can be seen evidently in the earnest rearing and farming efforts of our beloved women farmers.

Responsible, Cruelty Free Harvesting/Extraction

Now that our crops are fully grown, it’s time to harvest them. They are harvested in small batches, by hand. The milk from the cattle first goes to the calf, and the remaining is carefully, and gently extracted from the cows.

This milk is fermented to curd, heated using the Ayurveda-recommended Bilona method and at the end, pure, lactose-free, superhealthy Cultured Ghee is extracted.

Honeys, on the other hand, grow atop mountains in large honeycombs. Our honeykeepers wear protective clothing, climb up to mountain tops, steer clear of bees, and only then eject the honeycomb and extract the essence to large containers. 

We ensure no honeybees are hurt or killed in the procees, by using cruelty–free extraction techniques followed by our ancestors. The honey extracted at this point is checked for quality and delivered to you straight. No additives, or sweeteners added. The next time you taste our honey, know it has reached you straight from the honeybees.

Focused Manual Sorting and Cleaning 

Once the crops are harvested, our farmers spend countless hours manually, cleaning, sorting and dehusking the grains, to make sure the final produce has no pest attacks or contains any defects. 

Only the best, unadulterated crops are sent to the next stage of processing.

Hand-picked, Hand Pounded, Power-Free Processing 

The sorted and cleaned grains are sun-dried, or shade-dried, depending on their properties, to eliminate moisture content, and that’s why our products have a long shelf life.

Our variety of spices are hand pounded using manual traditional equipment, without the use of power. The fresh harvest is segregated to many batches and each batch is given 100% attention, thoroughness and care. 

In the case of flour, the grains are fed to a traditional water-mill, which is powered by water and operated by our farmers. The slow milling technique prevents heat getting infused with the flour. This natural grinding method steers clear of gluten and makes the flour ideal for anyone.

Multi Level, Focused Quality Checks 

Right from the harvesting stage, to sorting, to pounding to processing stage, the produce is constantly checked for quality, damage, food safety and hygiene. This multi level, dedicated checking by our farmers leaves no room for any unhealthy particles to get added to our pristine superfoods.

Travelling the Green Way, From the Himalayas 

Once the products are processed and ready, they are consolidated, packed airtight and sent via an agreed route, through public transport. As a sustainable brand, we understand how much pollution is caused in conventional supply chains. 

We not only advocate sustainability, we walk the walk by reducing carbon emission as much as possible. We have an agile, robust team to send and receive goods sent via public transport and to bring them safely to our facility at Dehradun. 

Since the products have travelled afar, we reopen them and check for their quality once again. 

Goodness Packed in Sustainable Containers

All our products are packed in eco-friendly containers, be it recyclable plastic, glass bottles and biodegradable material. We show some extra love to the environment by not adopting single-use plastics for shipping or packing or storage. 

On the Way to You 

As you place your order, we pack your products with 100% hygiene and safety and ship it to your doorstep. And, that’s how Valley Culture brings natural, 100% pure superfoods with lots of love from the Himalayas. 

Check out our product range at https://valleycultureindia.com/collections/all-products and place your order now! The mountains are waiting!

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