Top 5 Himalayan Products for Women's Health

Top 5 Himalayan Products for Women's Health

A strong woman is a force of nature. With your high intellect, deep emotional quotient and resilience, you’re quite formidable. Driving the world forward along with others, women shoulder a lot of work physically, mentally and emotionally. 

To be able to steer the wheel every day, without running out of charge, you need to replenish your system every single day. With the fast-paced world we’re in, it’s not possible to grow food and consume it as we used to, in the early days. Naturally, you tend to switch to pills and artificial supplements to keep you going. But, the sad news is, they deteriorate your health big time.

That’s why we, at Valley Culture, bring you the finest, 100% natural superfoods straight from the fertile Himalayan valley, to supplement your daily intake and fast charge your system.

Walk with us and together we’ll explore the nutrients you need the most, products to introduce to your diet and why they’re vital for your health. 

Valley Culture’s Deep Veneration to Women

As a homegrown brand deeply rooted in nature, Valley Culture is indeed grateful to be serviced by incredible women. Our 5000+ farmers rear crops like their own children, with such fondness, visit them regularly, feed them the right natural nutrients and ensure no harm comes to them. With this constant care, crops grow healthy and strong in a pristine environment. 

After cultivation, our farmers spend countless hours dehusking, sorting and cleaning to ensure you get only the best. That’s why our products are extra special: they’re made with love. 

As the products reach our facility, several hard-working, systematic women like Pushpa, Manju, Shaheen and Karuna ensure your orders are received, packed and serviced properly. All through our supply chain we have amazing women striving day in and day out to bring wholesome nutrition to your table. 

We’re proud to be a women-centric brand, co-founded by a woman humanitarian, Shikha Prakash.

Essential Nutrients Exclusive to Women

Each stage in a woman’s life requires a different set of vitamins and minerals. But, experts advise women of all ages to consume certain foods regularly, that help in carrying out critical body functions. 

Let’s look at a few cardinal nutrients.


  • For peak bone health, to stay away from bone fragility women may face.


  • Uninterrupted blood supply
  • Compensates for monthly menstrual blood loss,
  • Spikes energy
  • Refreshes oxygen content to the brain.

Folic acid

  • Makes new blood cells
  • Averts anemia
  • Repairs genes


  • Invigorate metabolism
  • Fights against infections
  • Streamlines nervous system

Vitamin D

  • Lowers risk of heart diseases
  • Reduces chances of stroke

Everyday Superfoods to Recharge the Superwoman in You

Let us guess what you’re thinking. You’re in a hurry all the time and you can’t stop and shop for these vitamin supplements. Well, you don’t have to. 

You can make simple dietary changes without punishing your taste buds. Give them the best time, yet vitalize your whole body with natural, homegrown food. 

Ready for an exciting journey towards a long, healthy life? Come on, supergirls!

Navrangi Dal

Must-have comfort food when your menstrual pain is taking a toll on you. The 9-coloured dal is a boon for menstruating women, which single-handedly does many functions in your body:

  • Its high phosphorus, copper, and manganese accelerate blood formation, regulate hormones, balance the immune system and absorb iron content in the body, thus ensuring steady, pain-free blood flow.

  • Just like your best friend, vitamin B in Navrangi Dal relaxes your mood, comforts you, eases tension and helps you prevent volatile period mood swings.

  • If you come home at the end of the day and find yourself hogging junk food, two servings of Navrangi Dal can help you feel full, satisfied and happy. 

  • Feeling lethargic most of the time? Navrangi Dal can increase energy production in the body, boost immunity and keep you active and disease-free. 

  • Make Navrangi Dal soup, throw some in your salad, or make a hot dal gravy 2-3 times a week to get your share of wholesome nutrition.

Himalayan Jaggery

Healthy living can be sweet too. Jaggery is a household item that can restore plenty of nutrients to your body when consumed moderately, and regularly. 

  • Consuming jaggery releases endorphins in the body, which eases menstruation pain and averts food cravings. The rich iron content in jaggery is a major contributor to easier menstruation. Iron boosts the production of RBCs and haemoglobin, which carry oxygen in the blood to all organs, minimizing period cramps.

  • You can play around with your kids and grandkids actively, even in your old age, as consuming jaggery slows down bone density loss, prevents osteoporosis, and regulates pain-free muscle contraction.

  • Expecting moms often worry about contracting blood pressure during pregnancy. We’re here to tell you jaggery won’t let that happen.

  • Get the soft, supple and shiny skin you’ve always wanted by consuming jaggery regularly. Selenium in jaggery ensures good nail and hair health.

  • Add jaggery to your beverages, eat a small piece after every meal and watch it do wonders for you.

Himalayan Red Rice

We’re sorry, your long favourite white rice has to go. It’s time for a healthier, tastier alternative. Red rice has a nutty, crunchy flavour that only adds to the taste, texture and nutrition of your everyday meal. 

  • Rich fibre content ensures you don’t stress-eat, or go heavy on fat, or sugar-rich food.

  • The low Glycemic index in red rice makes it ideal for diabetics and those with PCOS to consume as a staple. It aids digestion and doesn't contain sugar or starch components.

  • Alive with nutrients, the wholesome grain promotes healthy, sustained weight loss.  

  • With high deposits of magnesium and calcium, red rice keeps your blood production in check, your nervous system regulated and your bones strong as ever. 

  • Drive away iron deficiencies, because red rice has tons of it for your every need.

Millets (Barnyard Millet)

Jhangora wins hearts every time someone consumes it. Don’t believe us? Taste it yourself! Here’s a snapshot of what it can do for you.

  • Barnyard millet single-handedly treats cardiovascular diseases, controls thyroid levels, and averts fatigue.

  • The barnyard millet has significantly low carbohydrate content and is a perfect substitute for rice for diabetic patients who need to steer clear of starch-rich food.

  • In 25g of Barnyard millet, you can find 1.5g of protein, thus strengthening your muscle strength, boosting metabolism, promoting fat burning, and maintaining kidney health. See, we told you it can nourish your entire body.

  • Increases immunity and secretion of breast milk in lactating mothers. 

  • Make lip-smacking sweets like Jhangore ki Kheer, and Palau, or simply cook barnyard millet, and consume it with gravy, dal or as a salad.

Himalayan Nettle Tea Blend

Come home after a long day to a hot, flavorful cup of tea. It brews in less than 4 minutes and tastes heavenly. Who wouldn’t love that feeling?

  • The Nettle tea does deep work in your system after comforting you in the very first sip.

  • It’s rich in iron, magnesium and calcium, all of which are vital for hormonal, bone, muscle, and nervous health collectively.

  • For women expecting pregnancy, during pregnancy, or nursing, this nettle tea is a blessing.

  • It increases milk secretion, improves heart health and prevents bloating during and after pregnancy.

Final Words

Womanhood is a wonder in itself. Possessing several awe-inspiring qualities, women are the heart of any society. With your cheerful, nurturing, thoughtful nature, unparalleled intellect, rock-solid emotional strength and humongous potential, you’re irreplaceable anywhere you leave your mark. 

Valley Culture takes this occasion of women’s day to celebrate our earnest, hardworking women who make miracles happen every day. Take good care of your health, just like you take care of all others around you. That’s why we offer the finest Himalayan superfoods at nominal prices, so you can add them to your meal plan ASAP. Check out our store, place your order and get 10% off.

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