Flavorful, Nourishing and Comforting: The Wonders of Himalayan Rajma

Flavorful, Nourishing and Comforting: The Wonders of Himalayan Rajma

A common household name, a much loved and often cooked food item is Rajma. A hot bowl of Rajma chawal at the end of the day is simply heavenly. Children and adults patronize these red-coloured kidney beans, for their rich, crunchy and juicy taste. When slow-cooked and served hot, Rajma emanates a delicious aroma. When mixed with rice and cultured ghee and consumed, Rajma melts in your mouth. This lip-smacking dish is not only pleasant on your taste buds, but it also has deep healing and health-boosting benefits, which we’ll see in a moment. 

Stick with us, we’re going to explore the next best superfood that can massively improve your health and quality of life.

Common Properties of Rajma

Rajma, also known as kidney bean, is a kharif crop that is sown and harvested during the summer and monsoon seasons. Rajma is best grown using the intercropping technique where it’s grown along with sugarcane. 

Here are a few nutritional properties common to all types of Rajma:

  • Digestion Improvement: High fibre content slows down digestion, and helps the body absorb nutrients completely.

  • Ideal for diabetics: Low glycemic index and minimal sugar content makes Rajma the best snack, or entree for diabetics, satiating their hunger big time. High on isoflavone and flavonoids, it controls sugar levels in your bloodstream. 

  • Boosts immune system: Rich antioxidant content hinders free movement and damage caused by radicals, thus reversing aging and preventing cancer.

  • Heals tissue damage: Significant protein deposits help in tissue repair throughout the body.

  • Heart-friendly: Bad cholesterol is stopped from entering the bloodstream, thus protecting the heart from diseases.

Chakrata Rajma

Himalayan Rajma is renowned all over the world owing to the super fertile soil it grows on. The seeds of the crop are of immense quality, which, when paired with the growth-friendly soil, reap phenomenal benefits. Loam soil, which is prevalent in the Chakrata village of the Yamuna valley, is known for its moisture-retaining quality. The soil holds onto the water just long enough for the crops to absorb them in adequate quantities. At the same time, it also inhales air required for healthy growth. Since the crops grow with exposure to the purest air, water and soil, they are true to their nature and carry a vast variety of nutrients. 


Health Benefits of Chakrata Rajma

There are an array of vitamins and nutrients in this pulse and they can boost your health in multiple ways. Want to understand what’s all the hype about the Chakrata Rajma? Keep reading.

Cures Anemia

Super high iron content in Chakrata Rajma can be immensely beneficial. It generates red blood cells and haemoglobin content which help in oxygen and other nutrients being transported to the entire body, increasing blood flow in general. This increased blood flow eases PMS symptoms considerably. 

Hassle-Free Digestion & Bowel Movement

The starchy carbohydrates and B vitamins in Chakrata Rajma ease digestion. The presence of soluble fibres in the superfood absorbs water content and converts itself into a substance closely resembling a gel, which slows down and prolongs digestion, helping the body soak up all nutrients in the Rajma. The gel-like substance also softens the stool and eases bowel movement. 

Helps in Protein Synthesis

The presence of folic acid in Chakrata Rajma helps in DNA and RNA synthesis, thereby contributing to protein synthesis, which enables the body in producing enzymes and hormones for a hale and healthy body. 

Protein is also essential in repairing body tissues after exercise or injury. It’s great for bodybuilders and those who strive to increase muscle mass and reduce muscle loss. Chakrata Rajma is an excellent after-workout food, as it fuels the body with energy and carries oxygenated blood throughout the body. 

Excellent Bone and Oral Health

Excellent source of calcium, up to 200-340 mg of calcium per 100g, Chakrata Rajma is your go-to for stronger bones and teeth. If you wish to have a bright smile even in your later years with healthy teeth and a robust body, you need to consume Chakrata Rajma regularly. 

Boosts Brain Health

It can increase the supply of oxygenated blood to your brain, keeping the brain young, nourished and active at all times. Vitamin K deposits boost the brainstem, eliminate any risk of contracting brain-related diseases, prevent Alzheimer’s, and blood clotting and accelerate bone formation. 

Great for Your Heart

Vitamins in Chakrata Rajma minimize the chances of sudden spikes in blood pressure which may lead to many health ailments. It takes care of the functioning of the cardiac muscle functions, promotes well being of the heart and regulates cholesterol absorption.

Harsil Rajma

Grown in the scenic villages of Harsil and Dharali, in the foothills of the Himalayas, the crops grow alongside fresh and healthy apples. The soil is so fertile that it yields high-quality crops every harvest. The taste of Harsil Rajma is far superior to any other Rajma you’ve ever had, and it stays with you long after you’ve had your meal. 


Health Benefits of Harsil Rajma

Apart from growing in a picturesque region, the Harsil Rajma contains abundant nutrients and vitamins that promote a conducive environment for the body to heal itself and maintain good health. Here are a few health benefits offered by Harsil Rajma.

Bolster Nervous System

The presence of magnesium significantly bolsters nerve function and muscle strength. It’s a vital component involved in producing energy for the entire body to consume. It has a healthy relationship with the nervous system, whereby magnesium soothes the nerves, helps in curing depression and prevents migraine attacks. 

Toxin-Free Body

Molybdenum content in Harsil Rajma plays a big role in breaking down any toxic substances that may enter your body and shields you from potential harm. With a strong molybdenum content, you lower the risk of toxins entering the bloodstream and causing havoc in your system.

Great for Kidney and Heart

High potassium content in Harsil Rajma ensures optimal water content in your body, so your kidneys can function seamlessly. It also minimizes your chances of getting a stroke or cardiovascular disease.


Regulates Fluid in the Body

Sodium deposits in Harsil Rajma are ideal for regulating the level of water and other fluids in your body. It balances ions, supports brain function and protects you from getting sunstroke. If you’re in a hot and humid region where you sweat a lot during the summers, Harsil Rajma is a must-have for you, to restore water balance, control blood pressure and moderate body functioning.

Faster Tissue Healing

Abundant phosphorus and amino acid content in Harsil Rajma quickens tissue healing and repair. It helps the body use carbohydrates and good fats for recouping after cell or tissue damage. High deposits of copper protect cells from damage. 

What’s Next?

Pro tip: Soak our Chakrata (for 12 hours) and Harsil Rajma (8 hours) to increase the bioavailability of nutrients in them. 

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