Curating Timeless Recipes From Exotic Local Produces Of The Himalayan Villages Of Uttrakhand. An Initiative By Valley Culture™

This week, as part of its journey to take the produce of the Hills to the masses, Valley Culture will be celebrating the magnificent legacy of the Himalayas.

From September 9, which marks Himalaya Diwas, Valley Culture celebrates and acknowledges the contributions of the mighty Himalayas, which mean the ‘abode of snow’ in Sanskrit.

The week ahead will see innovations in food, juxtaposing the superfoods of the Mountains to recreate contemporary dishes with a twist. These recipes use locally sourced ingredients like Harsil rajma, jhangora apple, lichi honey, ragi, barnyard millet and other Himalayan products that are traditionally processed, for a beautiful combination of taste and health.

We are specially excited as food connoisseurs are in for a treat with traditional Himalayan recipes prepared by celebrity chef Sangeeta Khanna from September 9-September 15. We have also collaborated with several other celebrities and experts on this special occasion to venerate the Himalayas and will also have a series of giveaways on the special occasion.

Stay tuned ! On September 9, dig into the platter from the mountains including Harsil beans salad, Ragi roti, Bhang chutney, Barnyard millet and the yummy apple halwa. For giveaways, we have lined up heavenly rajma, ragi and bhang seeds.

In the lap of Himalayas, enjoy a great luncheon with ragi pancakes with litchi and jungle honey, whipped cream on September 10. Straight from the hills to your homes comes pahadi alu wedges with jakhiya and yellow chillies along with sour cream dip on September 11. Not to mention the ‘giveaways’ ! Bhang jeera, Jakiya and yellow chillies — all super fresh and done up in environment friendly packaging.

On September 12, return to your roots with the taste of sumptuous red rice and Navrangi dal, Arbi Ke Gutke, and hari bhujji pyaz. Red rice, Navrangi and extremely popular ghee of Valley Culture will feature as giveaway.

Those fond of kebabs, don’t miss out on September 13. There’s the special Gahat ke seekh kebab and on September 14, enjoy gahat, ragi and Jambu. The idea of this week-long celebration is to bring your attention towards the people, livelihood, ecology, biodiversity and culture of the Himalayas. Come join us and keep watching this space for some exciting news and offers!

DM us at +91 6398504229 for further details. Don’t forget to check out our website for the best of nature’s super-foods!

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