Himalayan Cultured Ghee: Liquid Gold with Medicinal Wealth

Himalayan Cultured Ghee: Liquid Gold with Medicinal Wealth

It’s dinner time at home and grandma brings hot roti from the kitchen. Not just hot, piping hot. She sets the table, takes a roti and smears a spoonful of ghee on it. As the ghee melts and infuses with the hot dish, she sits you down. She starts her story and slowly feeds you her yummy roti subzi. 

The ghee, with lots of love, makes the dish special. There’s a reason why grandma added ghee to many dishes. It’s not just for enhancing taste, but because it’s an elixir with miraculous health benefits. 

Taking ghee’s nutritional value even further is our Himalayan Cultured Ghee. Do you want to know what makes cultured ghee more special than your usual ghee? Keep reading.

How is Cultured Ghee Made?

You know traditional ghee is made from cow’s milk. Cultured ghee, on the other hand, is made from fermented milk. We’ll tell you how in a minute.

The story of our cultured ghee starts in the Himalayas. 

Cows that are reared by our farmers in the Himalayas are allowed to graze freely to their heart’s content. Studies have shown that the eating pattern of cows affects the nutritional value of their milk. When cows graze freely in the Himalayan valley, feeding on grass, plant leaves and medicinal herbs from the mineral-rich soil, the nutritional content in their milk intensifies. 

Naturally, this is the milk we use in preparing our cultured ghee, which is why ours is the purest, most nutritious cultured ghee you’ll ever find.

Our seasoned farmers let the calf feed itself and then gently milk the cow. This milk is boiled first and then allowed to cool. After the milk reaches room temperature, it is fermented with curd, which turns the lactose in milk into lactic acid, eliminating the food sensitivity caused by lactose. Hence, people with lactose intolerance can readily have our cultured ghee in their diet, it agrees with them.

In the traditional, Ayurveda-approved Bilona method, the fermented milk is set aside and later churned manually, using wooden ladles to separate the cultured butter from the curd. Later, this cultured butter is transferred to a wooden stove, and simmered slowly and thoroughly, for a long time, until the milk solids dissipate and we get clear, liquid gold: the cultured ghee.

Why do we call it liquid gold, you ask? Keep reading. 

Does Cultured Ghee Contain Saturated Fats Bad for Your Cholesterol? 

Since cultured ghee is made from cultured butter, we commonly assume it has bad fats. Let us assure you - it doesn’t. Cultured ghee has a unique carbon atomic structure which is radically different from foods containing bad fats (saturated fat), so do not worry about adding bad cholesterol. 

What Makes Our Cultured Ghee Special?

Apart from being lactose-free, cultured ghee has a few other different properties from traditional ghee, despite having lots of similarities in the health benefits it offers. 

Traditional Ghee

Cultured Ghee

Made from grain-fed/grass-fed cow’s milk

Made from grass-fed, cow’s milk which is fermented to curd 

Prepared on a large scale with machines

Prepared naturally, using traditional cooking and cooling methods

Contains milk solids

Doesn’t contain milk solids, just clear cultured ghee

Emanates light aroma

Emanates rich aroma and buttery taste

Can be stored for 6-9 months without a refrigerator

Can be stored for 12 months, longer shelf life

Unsuitable for lactose-intolerant consumers

Suitable for all

Why Should You Consume Cultured Ghee Regularly?

Now let’s dive deep into how a spoonful of cultured ghee a day keeps diseases away. When added to your everyday meals, your occasional laddoos, or your morning salad, cultured ghee is sure to wow you every time, with its versatility. 

Let’s understand what it does for you, and you can decide how to include it in your diet.

#1 Lubricates Your Joints

One of cultured ghee’s often-forgotten health benefits is its ability to keep your joints healthy. Vitamin K in cultured ghee absorbs calcium from other food items you consume and uses them to improve your bone density, so you can prevent fractures or osteoporosis. Vitamin A content, on the other hand, helps you grow healthier bones.

#2 Keeps Your Gut Healthy

Plenty of butyrate in cultured ghee makes for the perfect cleanser for your gut. It acts as a pro-biotic, prevents acidity, averts bloating, boosts your metabolism and helps with your bowel movement, thus steering clear of constipation. The cells that line your colon use butyrate as their energy source, so cultured ghee is excellent to heal and vitalize your gut.

#4 Reduces That Unwanted Weight

The presence of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acid makes cultured ghee ideal to use as a dietary supplement for weight loss. When mixed with hot water and consumed in the morning, it can reduce the unwanted weight and fat your body is holding onto.

#5 Super Strong Immunity

Vitamins and minerals, like vitamin E and butyric acid, promote T cells that fight diseases and entry of infections, thus increasing your body’s natural immunity. 

#6 Loves Your Heart

Vitamin presence in cultured ghee is its huge differentiating factor. Rich deposits of vitamin K maintain lower blood pressure in your body, allowing for unrestricted blood pumping and free blood flow through the veins. Vitamin E protects your heart from cardiovascular diseases. 

#7 Increases Your Brain Power

Boosts your cognitive performance x3 at least. Vitamin K does the magic for you. It promotes cognitive health, prevents memory disorders, improves concentration and significantly enhances memory.

#8 Gives You Younger, Glowing Skin

Naturally, increase hydration in your skin and external wound healing by consuming cultured ghee regularly. Vitamin A reduces acne, and vitamin E augments the production of collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. Trust us when we say cultured ghee could make your skin tighter, more elastic and shiny. 

#9 Increases Fertility

This is a lesser-known health benefit of cultured ghee. It balances hormones and enhances the production of estrogen and progesterone, which help in conceiving and maintaining pregnancy. Healthy fats in cultured ghee also help develop a strong fetus. 

#10 Protects You From Cancer

Studies show that vitamin E and other minerals in cultured ghee boost enzymes that are responsible for detoxifying cancer-inducing substances, thus actively preventing the onset of cancer. 

#11 Promotes Better Eyesight

Vitamin A deposits avert night blindness and age-induced eyesight decline, thus keeping your sight as young and sharp as ever. Vitamin E, on the other hand, can help you prevent or reduce cataracts. 

Ghee in Ayurveda

Cultured Ghee, known as Ghrita, or Amritha (elixir) in Ayurveda is said to be beneficial for the whole body. It’s a preferred Ayurvedic cure for nervous disorders and wound healing. It’s great to mitigate cholesterol issues and increase flexibility, memory and appetite. 

To Wrap Up

And, you’ve now familiarised yourself with what cultured ghee can do for you.

Here’s a tip: our product has a high heat resistance and can be used for baking, sauteing and deep-frying. Add a dollop on your salad or popcorn, smear a portion on rotis, have them with millets and or prepare lip-smacking treats with cultured ghee.

To gain all the health benefits listed above, you need the purest, nutrient-rich cultured ghee. Check out https://valleycultureindia.com/products/himalayan-cultured-ghee and order now.

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