Nutrition is basic human necessity and a requirement for living a healthy life. A balanced diet is vital for growth, development, and an active life beginning at a young age. It is the science that deals with all the many components of food and how adequate nutrition is achieved.

Every year from September 1 to September 7, India observes National Nutrition Week to raise public awareness to vital indicators of their well-being and prosperity. It focuses on a particular theme each year and addresses it with the launch of various programmes. Last year's theme was 'Feeding Smart Right From Start' and this year's theme is - 'Celebrate A World Of Flavours'.

At Valley Culture, conscious living is built on a foundation rooted deeply in the Indian origin and we truly treasure the authenticity of locally produced products. For us, the real nutrients lie in the mineral rich soil and the pure and sparkling water that helps us provide the nourishment we need from within. However, behind all our superfood products, comes a community of super-women of Himalayas who have been extracting, pounding, and making healthy food by hand for generations.

So, as we draw an end to National Nutrition Week 2022, let’s come together and honor the nature and nutrition that surrounds us in abundance. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

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