"The Soul of India lives in its villages" - The story of Rural India

"The Soul of India lives in its villages" - The story of Rural India

"The soul of India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi

Celebrating 75 years of independence, we have two Indias. One is ultra-urban, growing at breakneck speed, and the other is rural, where the country's soul resides.

As we remember Mahatma Gandhi today on his birth anniversary, he rightly observed the contribution of the rural population to India’s growth. This famous observation, made by Mahatma Gandhi many years ago, still holds true. The rural population comprises the core of Indian society and also represents the real India.
Therefore, it is our responsibility to build a system that connects the aspects of basic social infrastructure to the lives of rural people in an effective manner.
Ever since the inception of Valley Culture, our focus has been to give back to our farmer folks and do our little bit.Today, we are a community of over five thousand plus women farmer folks from 83 villages and valleys of the beautiful Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.The challenge that the farmers face these days are of a poor market accessibility of traditional and local produces.
The Himalayan State of Uttarakhand is a young state, mostly with very difficult geographical terrain. There are limited opportunities for people in the hills.

Over the past few years, western food culture has become an integral part of our food system. Blame the ultra-westernization and the concept of instant gratification that very little is valued about our traditional food values.

This has led to a reduced consumption of local produce and a decline in traditional farming practices. With farms discontinuing the practice of farming in the hills, there is a massive challenge of ‘palayan’, meaning migration, resulting in ghost villages.
We are trying to bring back the bounties of the Himalayan superfoods back and connect the dots. We look forward to growing this community and network many-folds in the coming years.

Disclaimer: Valley Culture is an agrtitech startup based out of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Shop Online at www.valleycultureindia.com

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