World Pulses Day: Celebrating Our Rich Homegrown Pulses

World Pulses Day: Celebrating Our Rich Homegrown Pulses

A staple in the global palette, pulses are relished as part of everyday cuisine around the world. Hot millets or rice, paired with dal or rajma is a heavenly combination we all love coming home to. This sumptuous meal fills our hunger and heart and is ideal to boost your energy to take on your day, or to replenish from a long, tiring day. 

Pulses are the non-green seeds of leguminous crops that are rich in protein, weighing about 20-25%, double that of wheat and thrice that of rice. 

Since we’ve consumed them for ages, we may have become oblivious to what these highly nutritious legumes can do for our health. But, studies consistently show the rich nutritional profile of Indian, homegrown pulses, and how everyone can consume them daily.

We know what you’re thinking. “What’s all the rage about pulses”, you ask. We answer in detail in this blog.

Why Are Pulses Celebrated All Over the World?

Pulses are highly beneficial for consumers and farmers alike. India is the largest producer of pulses in the world and for a reason. Growing pulses is extremely beneficial for farmers, as it boosts the soil’s fertility with its nitrogen-boosting properties. Conventionally, Indian farmers prefer growing pulses alongside other crops, to increase overall fertility and crop turnover rate. 

Besides, these superfoods, when stored properly don’t attract insects or pests, which helps the farmers store them for a long time, both for self-consumption and for sale. 

Pulses also require far less water for growth, when compared to other crops. This quality comes in handy to small and marginal farmers who are solely dependent on rainwater and cannot afford sophisticated irrigation facilities. 

Now that you know why farmers favour pulses, let’s delve deep into why we, as consumers, need to rank pulses higher in our grocery list. Pulses are suitable for all, in that they are gluten-free and purely plant-based, which makes them ideal for anyone to consume, regardless of age and health status.

Here are a few health-boosting properties all pulses have:


Have ZERO fat, no worries about cholesterol

Energy boosting food

Rich source of natural, plant-based protein

Suitable for a vegan diet

High dietary fibre fills stomach for long and prolongs digestion 

Eliminates risk of cardiovascular diseases

Improve immune system

Reduce inflammation

Prevents cancer

Alleviate acid reflux and ulcers

Treats type-2 diabetes, lowers blood glucose response

Prevents kidney stones and thyroid issues

Lowers cholesterol

Promotes wound healing

Significance of World Pulses Day

The significance of pulses to our diet and sustainable farming was first recognised by the UN General Assembly in 2013. Since then, every year, on the 10th of February, we celebrate World Pulses Day to commemorate the versatile superfood of our nation: pulses. 

This year, the focus is on how pulses aid in sustainable farming and in creating an ideal, super-healthy future for all. Owing to their soil boosting and minimum water-consuming qualities, they require only minimal resources to grow and store. When compared with other crops that demand higher volumes of water and other materials to grow, pulses are a viable, futuristic and healthy option for the future of farming. This is all the more true in the Indian context. 

Pulses: The Lesser Known Gems of the Himalayas

The Himalayas are home to a diverse set of crops and plants, which includes pulses. In the mountains and valleys, you can find the rarest, exquisite range of pulses that when consumed can nourish you like no other.

Considering the generous doses of minerals and nutrients in the supremely fertile Himalayan soil, pulses grow well in it and absorb all essential vitamins from the soil. 

That's why you'll find the purest, naturally grown pulses in the Himalayas. 

Being a native Himalayan brand, Valley Culture brings you the rarest and finest pulses straight from these evergreen fields. 

Here are the top 4 Himalayan pulses that are unique to the region and that can rejuvenate your health up to 10x.


Chakrata Rajma

Grown in Chakrata, home to one of the richest soils alive with medicinal plants, the Chakrata Rajma is a nutrient powerhouse in itself.

The low fibre content and glycemic index found in this category of pulse make them ideal for people with diabetes to have their fair share of protein without compromising on health or taste. 

The abundant deposits of iron help in the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, thus improving memory and brain power immensely. This high iron content enhances haemoglobin and RBC production, which helps alleviate anaemia. 

Extensive protein content in Chakrata Rajma bolsters muscle power, strength and endurance, which is why it's a popular favourite for bodybuilders. This pulse is highly heart-friendly and prevents the onset of cardiovascular diseases. 

Cook our Chakrata Rajma slowly and consume it hot with rice, or millets, or add it to your soup, curry or veggies. Trust us, it'll be the best meal you'll ever have!

Harsil Rajma

Known for their rich soils ideal for Rajma cultivation, Harsil and Dharali's soils are the birthplace of a superior category of Rajma.

Harsil Rajma contains abundant deposits of fibres that absorb cholesterol before it enters your bloodstream and protects your heart. This fibre also satiates hunger immediately after the meal and averts unwanted junk cravings. Known to prolong digestion, fibre also assists in regulating blood sugar levels.

The rich magnesium content in Harsil Rajma supports muscle and nerve function and helps you have an agile and energetic body. It has also been proven to aid in combating depression and preventing migraine attacks. Magnesium can also ease menstrual troubles.

Another important nutrition present in the Harsil Rajma is lean protein, which promotes a higher metabolic rate, maintains your weight and gives you a rock-solid immune system.

Harsil Rajma is easy to cook, takes minimum time, and can be consumed in a variety of forms. Add our rajma to burgers, salads, and curries and you'll forget its natural, delicious taste.


Navrangi Dal

One of Valley Culture’s bestsellers, the Navrangi Dal is packed with essential vitalizers for a hale and healthy body. The seeds from the same mother plants come in 9 shades, hence the name.

Rich in folates, the Navrangi Dal can boost the growth of red blood cells in the body. Furthermore, when consumed during early pregnancy, the infant’s brain and spine develop well.

The presence of phosphorus, copper, and manganese, accelerates blood formation, regulates hormones, balances the immune system and absorbs iron content in the body. Vitamin B in the Navrangi Dal improves the flow of blood and minerals to the mind, enhances cognition and relaxes the mind.

Excellent energizers present in Navrangi Dal increase energy production in the body, boost immunity and keep you active and disease-free. 

The Navrangi Dal can be included in your daily meals, as a fitting replacement for your regular dal. 

Himalayan Gahat Dal

The Gahat Dal is a boon to mankind, in that it has immense healing properties for the entire body. Containing an exceptionally high level of calcium, the Gahat Dal is ideal to maintain excellent bone and oral health. 

Rich protein deposits in the pulse support the formation of muscle mass and strengthen the body. It also helps in feeling full and steering clear of binge eating. It also helps in producing and spreading energy in the body. 

The Gahat Dal is also beneficial in treating kidney stones and urinary disorders owing to its diuretic property.

It's a fantastic remedy to treat respiratory problems and so consuming hot Gahat dal will cure a cold, fever, cough and throat infections fast.

Another wondrous quality of the Gahat Dal is its ability to cure a variety of diseases such as piles, asthma, bronchitis, leucoderma and heart ailments.

The high fibre content makes it a superfood for people with diabetes, as it minimises insulin resistance and moderates blood glucose levels.

Wrapping Up

All our finest Himalayan pulses are cultivated on mineral-rich soils using traditional, chemical-free, cruelty-free farming methods, hand-picked, sorted, cleaned and sun/shade dried.

Our women farmers spend several hours manually harvesting, sorting and dehusking these pulses to ensure there are ZERO toxins or damage to the pulses. 

Every pack of Valley Culture's pulses contains pure, wholesome superfoods that can fulfil the nutrient requirements of your whole body.

Now that you know what pulses can do for you, bring home the rarest and purest Himalayan pulses today. 

Your timing couldn't be better! This Pulses day, choose from our range of pulses and place your order right away on to avail 10% discount on your first purchase! 

Are you ready to up your healthy lifestyle? Get started today.

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