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Himalayan Chamomile Tea

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Floral & Sweet Taste | Calming, Relaxing Tea

An Ancient Roman variety prepared from the rare & gorgeous Chamomile flowers grown in the evergreen valleys of Uttarakhand. Used in the roman era for treating several ailments, Till this day is known for being beneficial in Inflammation, Muscle relaxant, inducing sleep, Easing menstrual disorders, healing ulcers and wounds and a remedy for Gastrointestinal disorders. 

Chamomile is rich and alive with Flavonoids, Vitamin C, Calcium , Copper, Zinc , Iron.

100% Caffeine free

Regular consumption relieves tension, Calms your mind and body for a deep sleep.

Tasting Notes :
Fresh , Floral , Sweet , Soothing Aftertaste


Light brew- 1 TSP/CUP | 2-3 mins  | 100-120°C

Strong brew- 2 TSP/CUP | 4-5 mins  | 100-120°C

1. Heat a glass of water in a pan and add a spoonful of Chamomile tea.

(For first time consumption, We suggest the light brew)

2. Let the water boil for 4-5 mins

3. Strain the tea, sit back, savor the aroma and earthy taste

4. If there's a lot of leftover, You may store the strained tea essence and use it later.

Late evening or Night as it induces sleep. Perfect for relaxation after a long day.

Ingredients: Dried himalayan chamomile heads

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Best before 12 months from the date of packaging

Customer Reviews

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Suresh Bhagavatula
Wonderful Initiative

Using rural-urban connect for livelihood development is good in theory but has seen limited success. While crafts are easy, food is challenging but better since we buy the products continuously as we consume them. In this aspect, I love what Valley Culture India is doing - branding them well and telling the real story. I wish them well.

The products are lovely. I have had honey, gur, camomile tea and lemon pickle. All are wonderful. I also purchased curry powder, turmeric and nettle tea but have yet to have them. Please go ahead and buy the products. You will not be disappointed.

I also love their gifting options, and please do check them out if you are looking for something different but useful.

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